Thursday, December 20, 2007

Maybe There Is Hope

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a very early morning appointment with Health Services and then spent pretty much the rest of the day in bed. As you may have read in my Trip To The DMV post, I tend to get freaked out before important events. So I was pretty nervous yesterday morning on the way to the appointment. But of course, as always, the reality was much easier than I would have figured on.

We got there right on time and were called back. Answered a few questions, I signed about 2 million papers and left with a medical card. This is great news as now I can hopefully get a diagnosis and see if my back can be fixed.

The funny part was once I got done signing everything I was told I was required to watch a 20 minute orientation video. But when we got called back to watch it, the instructor stated it was a nine minute video. That was pretty nice as we were able to leave much sooner than we were expecting.

I still have a ton of paperwork to fill out for my medical assistance and for my next degree in college. But as it stands now, I can see maybe there is hope yet.


Sweetie said...

omfg! Im so pleased for you! Tried to catch you last 2 days to find out how it went? You okiee? Not been online for agess xD =P Yey!! You so deserve a good doctor! =D! xxx

KimYo said...

Way to not be shy Ru! *claps*

Hrist said...

good news hope it can be fix :)