Monday, December 24, 2007

Making Money At Home

As I have said in other posts here in my blog, I am disabled and can't work. No job means I have no income. But I have found some good ways to make some extra cash. It is not enough to live on, nor will it ever make me rich. It does, however, earn some spending cash. These opportunities have allowed me to buy Ducky a nice christmas present.

Most of the 'make money at home' things you see on the internet are scams. Or even illegal. Most of them require you to pay for a kit or other information. These so-called programs simply take your money and send you some information that is worthless or that you could have easily have found for free in a google search.

But I have found some legitimate programs that cost you nothing, and you make money on them. Like I said, not loads of money, just some spending cash. Most of the ones I work on I can earn anywhere from $20 to $100 or so each month. Nope, I won't get rich. But I do make enough to purchase that gift for someone special, or to treat myself to a nice dinner out, or a new outfit.

Over the next few weeks I will provide information for each program. I will give tips on how to get the most out of them and I will let you know when and how much they have paid me. I will also provide other resources so you can find others of the same type. There are many of them out there. Yes, some are scams. But I will let you know which ones really pay, and exactly what you need to do to earn money.

All these programs will ever cost you is some time. You will not have to spend a dime to earn money. So bookmark or subscribe to my blog, and stay tuned. Easy money can be yours too.


Sweetie said...

DId the thing from me come yett?!
Go on vp some point tonight, gotta sing merry christmas to youu! =D!!
Hope you got nice pressie :3
Love youu!
(my msn brok atm so cant talk to you there so this do instead xD)
And nic blog! XD

KimYo said...

This is a good idea Ru! Merry Christmas to you also!