Monday, December 3, 2007

Online Games and Fiction

I have alway enjoyed games and puzzles. I remember when I was a child we had an Nintendo system. I spent many hours playing games. My favorite type were the role playing games, or RPGs for short. Creating my character, doing quests and earning levels, it was always so much fun. One game I will never forget is Ghost Lion. This was a simple style RPG, but what made it so memorable was it was the only game I ever played with my father. Dad and I spent hours trying to figure out what to do next, and where the next part of the puzzle was. Mom played too, but that game was mostly just me and my dad.

So, it only follows then that when I got a computer, I would play PC versions of the same type of games. Then came internet, and my choices of games got even larger. I came across an RPG game called The 4th Coming, or T4C for short. Now, I will review that game in detail one day soon but for now I want to go in another direction.

This was a multiplayer game, and I met many people there. Quite a few are still friends today, in fact that is where I met my boyfriend, Ducky. This post, however relates to another player. A man who went by the name Raist Justice. He turned out to be a writer, and has written an 8 book series based on this game with the 9th book in progress. The greatest part of his stories is the fact that the books are self contained. You don't need to really know anything about the game to understand and enjoy the story. He included player characters in his tales though and I was honored to have my game name and character included.

In honor of his stories, I decided one day, after months of his asking, to finally write a short story explaining my characters history. My story starts with the birth of my character Lady Ru, and continues up to the point where she was included into the Brimstone stories of Raist Justice.

His stories begin far before my character had been born, so my short tale doesn't begin to even cover the depth of his work. But it does allow those that knew me to see how my character began. I will end this post here for today, as it is getting long, but tomorrow I will post the first part of Lady Ru's story for your reading pleasure.

Remember, this story was my first attempt to ever write fiction, so it may not be very good. All comments will be welcome, so please, whether you hate it or love it or anything in between, please let me know.

And if you are interested in reading the Brimstone stories by Raist Justice, you can begin reading them here, Brimstone, Book 1.


ericka said...

Youve been writing about alot of great things Ru how do you think of them? Well there good :)

huggss :p

Hrist said...

i love T4C too i started it in year 2000 not thinking ill stay around it so long and still continue it. started on another server before i came to Eacceleration
im just addict to games for long
always like rpg's game and sometime fighting game but story in them is too poor almost no exist so dont play much