Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lady Ru's Story pt. 2

Ru grew up in a loving, yet sad, household. Her father was Lord of their island Holding, as their towns were called, and was often kept away by his duties. Her mother continued to try for more children, but although she usually carried to term, the births never resulted in live children.

At the age of three, Ru established herself, as future Lady of the Frenton Holding, by bursting into tears when her maid walked into the room. Upon questioning, she managed to sob that her hand was hot and hurting. The maid revealed a minor burn on her hand, saying that she had burned her hand making tea for Ru, a few minutes before. This proved Ru to have the empathic talent that all leaders were required to show to be allowed leadership.

Lord Josha was thrilled that his only child had inherited this talent, as otherwise a search would have been required to find the next Lord or Lady of the Holding. Lady Ru, as she was henceforth titled, was begun in her training on her fifth birthday. In addition to the proper manners and quiet demeanor that was considered appropriate for a woman, she was also taught to read, basic accounting skills and leadership tactics.

She found solace in the books and tomes in the manor library, as she was not fortunate enough to have any other children of appropriate rank to play with when she had time away from her lessons.

Although the island holdings were not part of the Kingdom of Goldmoon, and most residents had no knowledge of much other than their own island, Lady Ru was taught the old histories that had been brought with the original settlers. The most recent of those were several hundred years old, and she often wondered what had happened in the times between. In her explorations of the library, she also came across some old texts that contained information of certain elemental powers. This subject fascinated her, and she searched eagerly for more on the subject, but other than a few confusing words about mana and spellcasting, she found nothing to explain how or what the powers were, nor how they were used.

Lady Bethan did not live to see her daughter’s ninth birthday. Repeated pregnancies, still births and her grief, finally sapped her strength so far that she could not recover from a normal winter illness. In his grief, Lord Josha spent more time away, burying himself in his duties, leaving young Lady Ru with only the servants and her tutors for company.

During the fall of Lady Ru’s tenth year, her father was severely injured in a defensive battle against the giant spider-like creatures of the islands called Gnorches. As a result of this injury, Lord Josha was no longer able to perform the border patrols required, and due to a head wound, could not remember procedures and policies he needed to rule effectively. Lady Ru would not be considered an adult until her fourteenth birthday, so an immediate search was made for an empath to lead Frenton Holding. Josha’s friend, Markam was appointed as Lorder, acting leader, until a suitable empath was found or until Lady Ru reached her majority.

Lorder Markam took an avid interest in Lady Ru’s education, as Josha still wanted her to succeed him, if at all possible. Lady Ru’s free time decreased as her training took precedence over all other things. Shortly after her twelfth birthday, she sent a petition for an official audience with Lorder Markam.


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