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Lady Ru's Story pt 3

Here is the last part of my fiction story about my game character. If you missed the previous installments they can be found here, Part 1 and Part 2. Lady Ru does go on and have many more adventures, but those stories were told by another. You can find them in the Brimstone series.

Lady Ru's Story pt 3

The audience was granted, and set to take place on the next official petition day, where all subjects of the holding had the ability to bring their concerns to the leaders. Upon that day, Lady Ru sat with the group of people waiting to be heard. Lorder Markam was heading the meetings as usual, but Josha, apparently hearing of his daughter’s petition, was in attendance as Consult. This was rare, but as former Lord, he had the right to sit in at any major decision processes, and any counsel he gave would be heeded.

Lorder Markam called each person forward, heard their petition, solved disputes and denied or granted requests as deemed appropriate. Often he consulted quietly with Josha before rendering judgment. The Lorder had no knowledge of whom or what was on the petitions list, as this policy was considered the best way for impartial decisions. Lack of foreknowledge was considered the best way to avoid bias. So when he heard Lady Ru called forward to make her petition, he was understandably surprised.

Lady Ru, pale with nervousness, and determination in her very movements, made her way to the front of the hall. Nodding her respect to her father and the Lord, she cleared her throat and began to speak.

“Lorder, as you are well aware, I have studied our old histories extensively, and have been fascinated by certain elements that I have read about. I hereby petition I be allowed to travel to the lands we originally came from. Thereby learning what has happened since we left, possibly establishing new trades, and increasing our knowledge.”

As she finished speaking, her father stared at her in shock. “No, you are too young.” he murmured, barely audible. Lorder Markam, sat quietly for a moment, gazing at her, and he collected his thoughts.

Then he spoke, “Lady Ru, I do agree that your idea of reconnecting with our old homeland has merit. But I cannot see that sending you, as young as you are, would be wise. As you know, you are to be Lady of our Holding in less than two years. You are needed here. I will therefore send a ship with an official representative to our ancestral lands to learn what they may, but I am afraid I must deny..”

Lady Ru spoke then, interrupting him, and shocking those gathered with her discourtesy. “No, you may not deny this request. I have no choice but to go myself, and I must leave within the week.”

Turning to face her father, she said, “Often have you spoke to me about my birth, and of the dream you had before it. Often, I saw you act on your ‘feelings’ to be somewhere or to know something before it happened. Many times you have told me you have been given knowledge of events somehow, and have acted on them, without knowing how you knew of them. Many were the problems you solved before they became critical during your term as Lord. I know this, as you, yourself, have told me of them.

As she spoke, Josha became pale, and a sad look came over his face. “Yes, my daughter, I have told you of these things. True enough, I have had precognition at times. Please, my child, do not tell me that you have seen that this leaving must be done. I cannot bear to lose my only child.

Lady Ru smiled sadly, with a wisdom on her face far exceeding her tender age. “I am sorry, Father, I must go. I have known for long that this day would come, but I was hoping that it would not come so soon. I am afraid to leave our lovely home, but I must. I will leave before this week is over. I requested this petition, not to seek permission, for this cannot be denied, but to make it official, so that our people would know why I must leave.

Lorder Markam turned to Josha, a question on his face, but before he could speak, Josha said, “Lorder, know this, as you once trusted my judgment on things, now you must trust my daughters.

The Lorder sighed deeply, and spoke to Lady Ru, “I see I have no choice but to grant this petition. But I will do so only on one condition. You may go, but you will take two of our best warriors to guard you, and you will return at all costs in the month of your fourteenth birthday. On your return, you will be confirmed in your majority, and take your position as Lady of Frenton Holding. If you do not return at the appointed time, you will forfeit your rank and all your status,” Pausing here for a moment, he looked seriously at Lady Ru, then continued, “Including your status as citizen of this Holding.”

Gasping at the seriousness of the threat of status loss, Lady Ru bowed her head for a moment. If she did not return in the appointed month, she would never be allowed to return. Those in the hall watched the young girl take a deep breath and raise her head. Lady Ru spoke quietly, but clearly, into the silence, “The conditions are acceptable. I will return in the month of my fourteenth birthday, or not return at all, forfeiting all I hold. I will trust your judgment in choosing the two warriors to accompany me, and I will leave as soon as the ship is made ready.


Lady Ru left her holding within the week, and after almost 2 months at sea, finally came to the island called Arakas. Making port in the town of Lighthaven, she quickly picked up on the customs, and found herself tutors. She discovered that spellcasting was still known, indeed, much more advanced than her texts at home had hinted at. She soon became a talented fire mage and travel the lands learning and questing as many had before her. She became aware of the gods and chose to follow Artherk.

She returned to Frenton Holding in the designated month and ruled as Lady for just over three years. In the middle of her seventeenth year, she felt herself called back to the Olden Lands, as her people called the three islands of Goldmoon. She appointed Markam as Lorder during her absence and returned, arriving just in time to answer the call to rescue a man named Brimstone.

Lady Ru’s story continues in the Brimstone series.


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