Monday, December 17, 2007

It Was In Bed With Me!

Not that long ago, maybe a few months or so, I had a relatively normal day. Played on the computer, watched some TV, etc. Ducky went to bed at his usual time and I stayed up longer, like I always do. A couple hours later, I was finally ready to sleep. Let the dogs out for the last time, checked their water, got ready for bed. Nice and sleepy, ready to lay down and get a good nights rest. Little did I know what was coming that night.

I turned off the lights and crawled under the covers, knowing my puppycat would be along shortly as he always comes to bed when I do. I laid there for a moment, then noticed that the sheet that was covering me was wrinkled. I find crumpled covers annoying so I shook them out and straightened them.

Right after I got the sheet and blankets arranged properly, I felt a hair on my hip. Sighing at the dogs for shedding in my bed, I brushed my hand over my hip and rubbed a bit as the hair tickled some.

Umm, a hair isn't round and solid. What the hell? There is something on me! I sat up fast and turned to kneel on the bed and reached over and turned on the light.

A spider was on my bed, trying to crawl up to hide under my pillow. Now, I am severely phobic of spiders, so at this point I couldn't breathe or move. And this wasn't a little spider, it was bigger than a quarter, hairy and black. All I wanted to do was run out of the room, screaming my head off. But all I could do was reach over and shake Ducky awake.

He was sound asleep and had no idea of what was going on. I couldn't tell him because I still couldn't breathe. So I simply sat there watching this spider crawl away from me while I shook and pointed. Ducky finally saw it and woke enough to realize what it was. He got up, got some tissue and disposed of the horrid thing.

What he did next astonished me. He brushed a few remaining spider legs off the bed, turned off the light, and laid down to go back to sleep. I wasn't nearly so calm. Needles to say, I didn't stay in bed. I went back to my computer and sat their until well after the sun came up.

Once it was light enough to see, I finally tried to go back to bed. But not before using a flashlight to make absolutely certain that I was the only thing in the bed.
Even now, months later, I still check the bed before I get into it, and the memory of that spider crawling right on me still causes the occasional sleepless night.

As children, we believe the monsters can't get us if we hide under the covers. But for me at least, that isn't true. For me, the monster was under the covers, just waiting for me to come to bed.

If Ducky hadn't been there, I would be sleeping in my chair or on the couch to this day, and that spider would have had the bed to itself.

I still can't believe it was in bed with me! *Shudders*


Sweetie said...

Hahaha. Remember this! *giggles*

Hrist said...

*hugs*yea i can understand you lol

never really seen any big spider until now but mostly at some time mosquito..getting on my nerve always coming back around me flying near my ear;usually was hunting it until i killed it so i can sleep after..they always come back lol..

KimYo said...

I remember a spider was making a web on my arm. I didn't notice it because I was leaning towards a fence. I felt something tickle my arm a few times and when I looked over, there was an odd web on my arm. I have a slight phobia of spiders, but it's not overwhelming.