Sunday, December 23, 2007

Procrastination Works!

I hear people say we shouldn't procrastinate. That we should get thing done as soon as we can and not wait until the last minute. For some things I guess that is true. But for me, I perform better under pressure sometimes.

I had a major paper to write for my Composition class. I knew about it and was supposed to be working on it for over a month. But I just kept putting it off. Every time I would go to write or to think about what i wanted to say, my mind would wander and my thoughts would be chaotic. Sitting there looking at the blank sheet of paper, I just couldn't think of anything to write.

So I put it off, there was always tomorrow, or next week to get it done. Until I woke up Saturday, the paper due that night, over 1200 words needed, and I hadn't done anything. Ah, I thought, I still have hours yet, I will do it later today. Finally it came down to the wire. It was due in just a couple of hours. I needed to get it done. Miraculously, the blank paper didn't faze me. I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I churned out over 1600 words in less than an hour.

The paper was turned in less than an hour before the deadline. I wasn't sure if it was any good, but at least it was done. Just a few minutes ago, I checked into class. The paper had been graded and commented on by my Professor. I received an A, 100 points of 100 available. The Professor said I did well and had a good grasp of the assignment.

I have always put off critical things like that until the last minute, and almost invariably, I have done much better work under that pressure than I have done if I completed early. So, regardless of how much people say procrastination is bad, I would have to say, it works for me.


Sweetie said...

Didn't you ever get told by your teacher "do your homework the night you get it" xD
And you tell me to do mine!
Pfft xD
Last time I do!!
Congrats on the *another* A :P You ish cleverest!

KimYo said...

Ru, I can never do things beforehand unless it is fun. Just picking something up and working on it right away when it is due whenever is not my style. I tend to leave it until I am not able to do anything anymore. :P

MaiSala said...

Perhaps my status should be yours... I'm still known here as the Queen of Procrastination... hehe. I've always done things at the last minute, and they've always worked for me too :o) That's how I got into uni in the first place - I didn't know what I was going to sing until the day of, and luckily my accompanist was an excellent sight reader.
Love you Mom!