Thursday, December 13, 2007

And Then The Computer Melted!

First, I was in the park, throwing bread into the pond for the ducks. Something moved in the water and the ducks flew away. Suddenly, I was at Wal-Mart, shopping for a gift, but I couldn't find the right thing. The scene changed and I was at a friend's house, but it didn't look like their house. I went to ask them what they were doing, and then the computer melted!

That was one of my dreams last night. I had a few others that I remember, but every one of them was weird or didn't make sense. Isn't it amazing what your mind comes up with while you sleep?

Yet, in the dream, it all seems normal. A friend who normally has blond hair can have green hair in a dream, and it seems right. Your house could have extra rooms, or be in a totally different location, and that is correct. Then we wake up, and we wonder, "What the hell was that all about."

Dreams have fascinated the human race as long as we have existed. People vary from the opinion that dreams mean something to the opinion that dreams are meaningless. Books have been written and people have made a living giving meanings and definitions to dreams. We are endlessly looking for reasons and sense in our dreams.

Sometimes it seems that what we dream about comes true. Or maybe we realize a solution to a problem from a dream. Once I remember I had the same dream every night for a month, about a cave with creatures in it. A few weeks after this dream stopped, a new show, called Fraggle Rock, was aired. It was about muppet creatures that lived underground in caves. Precognition? Prophesy? Or did I just see a commercial telling about the premier of this show and not remember seeing it?

Some people dream in color, others say they can smell or taste things in their dreams. Some, like me, remember dreams, others claim they never dream.

We may never know why or how we dream, if they mean anything or not, but we all dream. And our dreams can be unsettling, vivid, unrealistic or forgotten, but they are there.

I wonder if we will ever know why we dream. Or how our minds come up with these disconnected stories. Regardless, I find it amazing that we can dream.

So tell me, do you dream? Do your dreams make sense? What is the weirdest dream you remember having? Comments are open, share your dreams. Am I the only one that dreams this weird stuff?


Hrist said...

yea dream surely but not always remember it or just a part or sometime almost all ;yes dream can be weird like you said;things that make no sense or doenst follow a normal order not sure whats my usually connected with death so..

Horsegirl1995 said...

I almost never remember dreaming.. but when I do, usually I don't even remember the dream, I just recall having one. But there is this one dream that for some reason I have always remembered, I had it when I was like 4, this is 8 years later. But in the dream I remember that Spider Man captured my family.. and almost killed them, but me and my Dad saved them right before they were about to die. Weird Dream. I from the on when I was little I was scared of Spider Man XD And another weird thing.. usually when i am sick I have the same dream, though sometimes I get further into the dream, and sometimes some of the people change in it; but it is pretty much the same dream usually. It is really weird dream, and I have not made sense of it yet. It is too long to type though lol.

Squib said...

I only remember one dream, and I've shelled out a lot of money to various artists to try to draw it for me.

I'm in a parking garage.. thing. Those buildings where you part in the city. And I'm looking out on a basketball court, with a red car parked in the middle. And I take this handgun and shoot this.. thing out of the air. (All I can think of to describe them is zombies.. But they've got broad leathery wings like bats that come out from below their shoulder blades, and apparently they eat people.) And when then thing falls out of the air she lands on the windshield/hood of the car with force enough to shatter the windshield and blow the hub caps off of the front wheels. She rolls off of the car and I can see her back.. she's bleeding pretty badly, and then she looks up at me.. But her eyes are black.. and her mouth is distorted out like the Scream masks.. and I can see the blood running out of it into her chin, and her little tiny spike teeth. And then I'm looking in from the outside of the parking thing. But I'm not a girl, I'm a boy, but I'm wearing my grandpas dog-tags (like I always do), and I'm wearing carpenter pants (I never really saw them.. but I just get a feeling I was wearing them..) and a camo shirt with a black jean jacket. My face is scraped and filthy, it looks like I have road rash on my chin.. and I look really scared. And then I'm looking into the garage past me (I get all blurry like in the movies when they focus on something else..) And there's a blonde girl sitting behind me.. her heads bowed down so her hair drapes in front of her face and I can't see it, but I get the feeling from the other me that's looking out at the basketball court that I love her. Then she slowly tips her head up do i can see her face, and her eyes are bloodshot because she had been crying.. And then for a second her eyes flash black.. And she gets scared and tries to stand up but her eyes change again when shes in the crouching position, and her mouth takes that Scream mask shape.. And I'm like.. floating outside of the building looking into the other mes eyes and I can still see that the girl is coming up behind me, and I try to tell myself to move.. or turn around, or do something but I can't. And then the girl is closing in on me and it gets patchy from here on in.. Things happen, but it's like the movie is skipping scenes, because shes not walking anymore, shes jumping big strides ahead, but she's not moving her legs at all.. And I can still see into my eyes and I'm still terrified, but I still don't know shes coming and then she runs her.. talon.. things.. down my back, but its like the other me can't feel it at all. And then the girl is looking out past the other me and directly out at me.. and the other me reaches out and tries to grab me, but I start falling, and falling.. And then I land in the hood of the car, and I can hear the other me yelling something out to me, but I can't understand it.. And then everything goes really white.. And I'm sitting in a break-room type thing sitting around a round table drinking coffee with the other me (Which doesn't feel like it's me anymore..), and the blonde girl. And the girl looks up at me and she's crying really hard, but the other person doesn't see it, and he's laughing and holding her hand, and then her face sort of flash changes and shes smiling at him.. And then we're in the woods in the winter time, and shes screaming out for me to help her, because somethings dragging her through the snow, but I can't catch up to them, she's always just out of my grasp..

This is a dream I've had over and over for the past couple years, I don't know why but it really really upsets me, just to type it here makes me sick to my stomach.. I feel really guilty for having it for some reason. Nobody will talk about it with me either, it's the damnedest thing. Everytime I try to talk about it with someone they have to go.. It's really screwing with my mind, and I've searched the web, dream dictionaries, and talked to a few dream interpreters/artists and they haven't said anything to really ease my mind, all their explanations seem so.. half-assed. Any thoughts from anyone here?

Bubblegum said...

lol the weirdest dream i ever had ru was after watching an episode of charmed...i dreamed that i was walking with all my friends on the beach and then demons came to attack us lol...i tend to dream thouogh about the last thing i watch on tv, so no horror movies for me before bed