Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lady Ru's story

As I promised yesterday, here is Part 1 of my fiction story about my gaming character Lady Ru.

Lady Ru's Story, pt 1

As another scream echoed throughout the house, the man turned white and almost fell into the chair behind him. “How much longer will she have to suffer?” he groaned. His friend poured wine into two goblets as he replied, “Not much longer now, by the sound of things, Josha. This will soon be over and you will…” His voice trailed off as he listened intently. Josha jumped to his feet, knocking over the wine as another wail filled the room. He grabbed his friend in relief and joy. “It is over,” he cried, “Markam, it is finally over!”

Markam pushed his friend back into the chair, “Yes, my lord, now have a glass of wine and catch your breath.” Turning to the table he noticed the spilled goblets, shook his head in mild amusement and went to the bell to ring for the servants to come clean up the mess. As he poured more wine, a young woman entered the room. Nodding her head in the local gesture of respect she spoke to Josha.

“My Lord, your wife, Lady Bethan is resting well. She is weak but will recover swiftly.” she said softly. “You now have a beautiful daughter. The child is strong and healthy.”

Josha jumped up again and shouted, “Markam! I have a daughter! I am finally a father!”

“Congratulations, Josha! I know how you and Bethen have suffered through the past three stillborns. You will be a wonderful father.” Markam said as he pushed the glass of wine into his friend’s hand. “Drink this and then you can go up and see your wife and daughter.”

Several hours later, Josha was finally able to be alone with his wife and child. Bethan was still pale from her two day labor, but she was radiant with joy. “I was afraid to hope this one would live,” she said quietly as she looked at the sleeping infant in her arms, “Have you thought of any names, Josha?”

Josha considered for a moment, then replied, “I was planning Jothan for a boy, and Bethsha for a girl, but the night before you went into labor, I had a very strange dream. In it, a person of glowing light told me that if this child survived the birthing, that I was to choose the name Ru.”

Bethan looked confused. “Ru? What kind of a name is that? It sounds very odd.”
“I know,” Josha said pensively, “But I have a feeling that we should name her that.” He looked at the child as she slept in her mother’s arms, “It seems to fit her somehow though.”

Bethan looked at Josha, then back to the child. “Yes, we shall call her Ru. It does fit her.” As Bethan finally started to fall asleep, she murmured, “I love you Josha, and I love our little Ru.”


part 2 will be coming soon.


Hrist said...

good to see you put your little story here :)