Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wonderful and Horrible At The Same Time

Hello everyone. I appreciate your patience during this long gap with no post. What? Oh no, I haven't given up on blogging, I have just been too busy mentally to think of anything to write about. I have had to focus my attention on classes. Oh, you thought that chair killed me? No, lol, it is still tucked away in the corner, well out of the path I walk.

Anyways, I have two bits of news that are both wonderful and horrible at the same time. *Grins* First off, school. Only 2 weeks left of this term. This is wonderful because I am almost done with this icky politics class, but horrible because the last 2 weeks always seem to take forever. I want to be done with it NOW! I am hate this class. Next term, however, looks to be more interesting, with 2 accounting classes, and the 3rd being Sociology. I am really hoping that 3rd class is interesting. It is so much easier to do the writing when the material intrigues me.

Ok, enough with school stuff, you say. I agree, listening to me complain about classes is probably boring for you. On to the second bit of news then. My back pain. No, it hasn't gone away, but the doctor I have been seeing has done more than just toss a prescription at me for the pain. She sent me for x-rays to see if there was a problem there. Turns our my bones look great. She said there are no signs of osteoporosis and no fractures. There were a few minor spurs on my spine that could develop a bit of arthritis in the future, but no problems that are causing my pain now. So she says that means it is muscular. She referred me to physical therapy. That is wonderful as maybe with some proper exercises my back will get straightened out and the pain will go away eventually. But at the same time it is horrible, because they are gonna make me stretch in ways I haven't moved in a long time, and that is gonna hurt like hell for awhile.

Personally, I still think the pain is from nerve damage, but I would be delighted to be proven wrong. If this physical therapy doesn't work, I have no idea what the next step will be.

That is pretty much all that is going on with me at the moment. I do plan to get back into posting daily or at least 3 or 4 times a week as soon as this term is over. So if you can hang around for another 2 weeks, there will be more regular posts after that.