Saturday, December 1, 2007

Puppies, Dogs and So Much More

I have been spending the last few days talking to you about some serious thoughts I have been having. So I think today I will lighten it up a bit and tell you about a great game I play.

Virtual Pups is a free online simulated dog game. I love this game because there is so much to do. I am not a big fan of games where you have set goals and have to do things in certain orders. Virtual Pups is limited only by your imagination. And best of all it is free. As soon as you create an account you can buy dogs, bet on events, make new friends in the chat or the forum.

Virtual Pups is a game that can be enjoyed by an adult or a child, so is a good way for families to share an interest. There are well over 100 breeds of dogs to choose from, so you have a chance to own the dog of your dreams.

What can you do? How do you play? Well, I can tell you right off there is nothing to download. This game is completely browser based, so if you can look at a web page, you can play this game. As for what you can do, oh there is so much possible. You can become the owner of a boarding kennel, try to become one of the best trainers available, event your dog in a wide range of competitions, or simply try to breed the best dog of your choice. You could try to get a dog with the highest stats, or work to make it true to life, or make it the best in another way.

Pedigrees are provided on every dogs page, you can trace their blood line all the way back to the original dog they came from. If you want to start from the very beginning, you can import or buy a foundation dog, normally called a foundie or import. This is a dog that was computer created, it has base stats, so you can pick and choose what to train it in or what stats to improve.

Or if you don't want to start that way, you can buy or rescue a regular dog. This type has parents listed on it's page and has a bloodline record. Some of these dogs have already been improved with selective breeding to improve certain stats, or breed to a color, or whatever the breeder's goal was.

You can play Virtual Pups for free, with no payment ever. But if you are at all like me, you will eventually choose the sponsor option. This gives you added benefits, like a dedicated kennel type with a different bonus for each type. Unlimited turns, so you can play as long as you wish each day. There are many benefits to 'sponsoring up', as I call it. Not the least of which, it helps to pay for the game to continue running.

But I don't have any extra money for this? Ah, but here is the nice thing. Many people will sell sponsors, or upgraded kennels to other players for game money or in game services. I got my first sponsor by training dogs. A player that had some extra cash, but was short on time, paid me for training a certain number of dogs to their needs, by upgrading my kennel to a sponsor. This was great. I got my sponsor upgrade, they got their dogs trained, and the owner still got the cash for the upgrade purchase to keep the game going. Everyone wins in that way.

Can I win the game? Well, yes and no. There are no set goals to the game, so it is not possible to win the game and be done with it. But, yes in the manner that you accomplish the goals you set out to do, that could be considered winning. The great thing about that is, you can simply choose another goal to work to, and the game can be played indefinitely.

I love Virtual Pups. It has allowed me to own, breed and event my favorite breed, and I am currently working on breeding the best dog ever in my chosen breed. I have 5 sponsors now, one of each type available, and I have spent very little real money in acquiring them. All but one were purchased from other players with game money or services.

So, if you are looking for a family oriented game, without all the violence and profanity so common these day. If you always wanted a dog but have allergies or no space or any other situations where you can't have one. If you want just one dog or a few hundred, this is the game for you.

Head on over to Virtual Pups, create your account, name your kennel and take the first steps into the world where dogs are everything. There is much information, tips and tricks in the forums; in chat, there are other players willing to help you get started, to answer any questions you may have.

Come and join me there, there is so much we can do.


Sweetie said...

Ye'Mann! VP rocks my socks <3
Sweetie xx

KimYo said...

I love VP so much. I was addicted since day one. I can never leave this game and forget it.
Chatting is something I will never remember and I will always love this game and the people who helped me along my way to become a known friend.

KimYo said...

Goodness, I misspelled. Also, remember the typo fairy. *Chatting is something I will always remember.

Squib said...

HI KIMMY! -waves-


Methinks you should get MSN. :D

KimYo said...

squibbykins! *huggles*
Me thinks you should get online chat and send me your e-mail address.
Also, this is another reason. You remember all of your friends on VP no matter what. If I can remember Squib, you can remember everyone you meet.

Bruxir said...

Oooops... i discivered VP just watching Ru's photobucket, saw a pic of a dog's status and i told to myself: "what's that?" went to the site and created an acc....
Now I'm trying to breed some BullMastif who i can have in RL even when my lil boy want it (low space and that awfull commerce).
Well... As usual, my kennel is Brux, jeje

Wheaty said...

I Love Vp its is like part of my life. I have grown up on vp i have spent 3 years of life on this game and theres no turning back now :)