Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trip to the DMV

Well, I finally did it. Yesterday, I changed my driver's license to Florida. I have been putting this off for a long time. I hate going to the DMV. I think everyone hates that place. But I have a nasty habit of scaring myself about things like this. For months I have been working my self up over it. What if they need papers I don't have? What if I have to take the test? And OMG, what if I have to take the driving test again?

A bit of back story here: When I was 18, a senior in high school, I took Driver's Ed. I passed the class work with perfect grades, but I will never forget what the teacher told me when he signed off on my final paperwork. He told me "Well, you have done perfectly in the class room, but you made a few too many mistakes on the driving practice to really get this... But I am sure you will improve with practice, so I will sign off for your license."

At 18, I was thrilled to finally be legal to drive, but his words nagged at the back of my mind. Sure enough, not even 2 month of driving had my car totaled. Now this wasn't a small car, but what my dad called a boat. A huge 4 door metal monster, with a long hood and a big trunk. I crashed that car into the back of an El Dorado on the way to school one morning. Right in front of a gas station. The worst part was several of the popular kids from school were there and saw the whole thing. So not only was I totally freaked by the accident, but I was horribly embarrassed that they saw it.

I determined then that I was not fit to drive, but my dad didn't agree. He kept telling me I was just nervous and that I would be fine. I drove my mom's van 2 or 3 times after that to prove to my dad I wasn't scared to be driving, then had my mom take me back to the DMV and I turned in my license for an I.D. card. I didn't get a license again until I was 25.

By that time I had practiced my driving on safer back country roads. (This was in Kansas, so plenty of empty dirt roads to drive on.) I went to the DMV with my new confidence, filled out all the paperwork, passed the written test perfectly, and went out on my driving test. Which I failed. Went home and practiced more, tried the driving test again... and failed. In total, I failed that test 5 times before I finally improved my driving skills enough to earn my license.

But back to yesterday, I had spent the whole week freaking out about having to take the driving test again. I have a hard time with tests anyway, and with so much riding on the outcome of this type of test, well, I didn't want to risk it. So my mindset when I woke yesterday morning was rather chaotic. The only thing I was sure of was that if I had to take the driving test again, I was in trouble. For one thing, I hate tests, for another, I don't currently have my own vehicle, and my boyfriend's jeep is just too big for me to drive.

My appointment was at 1 p.m. So we left at about 12:30. All the way there I was just a bundle of nerves and Ducky (my boyfriend) was laughing at me, saying it would be fine, I had nothing to worry about. We arrived and got checked in and I got into the express lane to wait for my turn. Or so I thought, lol, after another lady came in and got seen, Ducky noticed I was in the wrong lane. Don't you just hate it when nerves make you mess up? I got into the correct lane and was called up within a few minutes. Paperwork: Check. Vision test: Check. I answered all the questions asked and went to the screen for that wonderful DMV picture. A slight problem when I had to sign though. They had this electronic screen you signed on, and me being left handed, put pressure in the wrong spot and it took 3 tries to get my hand angled properly and make a legible signature. I was told to go sit and wait, and within a few minutes had my new license in my hand.
I left quickly, still afraid someone would call me back and say i needed to test my driving after all. Once we got into the jeep though, i finally relaxed. And of course, Ducky teased me all the way home about working myself up over nothing. I was so relieved though, I didn't mind at all.

So, now I have a pretty new Florida license, with a not so horrible picture on it, and I don't have to worry about it again for 7 years. But I guarantee, come renewal time, I will be freaking out again.


Anonymous said...

Way to go and getting your drivers license. What a wonderful way to express yourself. I'm glad you invited me to read. Take Care *Hugs*

Sweetie! said...

Yey! Im so proud of you! *huggles* =] xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting ur license, and thanks for inviting me here.

Anonymous said...

Hey I remember u from chat luv luv luv your blog if u could talk to Jim and Hwk into to being nicer to me it would be great lol thanxs!!!

Ericka said...

wtg Ru!

Boring said...

you'll have to take me for a cruise next time I'm over!!