Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poopyfoot and Left Out

Dear Paws,

well. this is a very serious problem. my dog likes to run round the garden with me, and often i take him out late at night when i am in my pyjamas and slipper socks/barefoot. but its kinda hard to keep track of all his poops, so sometimes when im running out with him, i feel a -squelch- and i stand in poop :/ how can i teach my dog to poop in the same place or come tell me when hes pooped so i can pick it up? please help.
Signed Poopyfoot

Maddie: I don't understand what the problem is, it IS his yard, he can poop where he wants.

Murphy: Why do you step in his poop? Can't you smell where you are walking? How do you know where you are going if you aren't sniffing your way around?

Rogue: Ewww, your dog poops outside? In the open? Just anywhere? Get him a nice private box like I have. *Shudders* I can't handle others seeing me poop.

Dear Paws,

Well like every other person, I tendacy to feel left out or maybe lets use a harsher word? Jealous. It all started when we hit school again, last year our class was splitted up thus leaving my friend away from her bestfriend. I was with my friend. Lets call my friend A and her bestfriend R.

I was the only one there she actually hanged out with so during that whole year we were like tight bestfriends. And now this year she doesn't even talk to me that much and is always with her bestfriend. This has been going on for almost this whole year. I let myself wonder about and wait for her to come around cause I get that she might missed her old friend. But A never really came around yet sometimes she came to me to tell me how R was such backstabber ect. But she keeps returning to be her friend, while I can atleast offer better friendship...well maybe more reliable.
Signed Left Out

Maddie: Oh this is easy. Just let her know you want to be friends by bringing her a ball. Or give her belly rubs. Belly rubs are heaven. Mmmm, rub MY belly now *rolls over*

Murphy: Maybe you should try to do fun things with her. Like raiding the garbage can. But I think Maddie is wrong, balls are stupid. Your friend wouldn't like a ball. Maybe you can find something that smells really good and show it to her. Smelling things is way more fun than a stupid ball.

Rogue: Does she ever give you ear scratches? If not, I would say go find a new friend that will scratch your ears. You should have more than one friend to run around with, that way you are guaranteed that one of them will be around when you need ear scratches.


KimYo said...

Awesome work you three! Keep it up!

Sweetie said...

you made me laughhh xD
yey for more!

Bluerose said...

This is GREAT! Keep it up!

Young_Native said...

Lol I love the PFT Team already. :D They have good ways of saying things in a very unique point of view