Sunday, April 27, 2008

Muffin Craver and Balls, TV and Toys

Dear Paws,

Everyone says we should date and hook up. I already talked to him about it, and he said that he just wants to stay friends forever, so nothing would change between us. Still, people nag us about getting together. What do you three think I should do Pupkateers?

-Muffin Craver

Maddie: Date? What's that? Is it like playtime? Why does it matter what other people say? Just have fun when you play. Playtime is great, especially with a ball. I have a ball. Let me get it... Uh Oh... I can't get it, it is under the bed. Get my ball for me, please, please, please please pleasepleaseplease I want my baaaalllll. *Whines*

Murphy: Sorry, can't help. *clunk* Kinda busy now *clunk* there is peanut butter *clunk* in this toy *clunk* and if I can just *clunk* bounce it hard enough *clunk clunk clunk* I can get it! *clunk clunk lick lick lick*

Rogue: Aww, you sound stressed, Muffin Craver, let me help. Here, I will get into your lap and let you pet me, that will help you. Oh, and can you make my show come on now? I will watch it while you pet me.


Hrist said...

ahahaha funny dogs story :)