Thursday, April 17, 2008

Need Advice? Ask Paws For Thought!

Well, I made the mistake of telling the pets about my blog. They have decided they want to participate. So they came up to me with a demand. They want their own advice column, where they will give answers to people's problems with down to earth advice. Maddie, Murphy and Rogue are now the Paws For Thought advice crew.

So if you need advice or have a question that needs an answer, send it to The crew will be choosing one or two letters to be answered on Sundays.

I can't guarantee that their advice will be helpful, but it will definitely be coming from an unusual viewpoint.

So send in your questions and make sure to check in on Sundays to see if your question was chosen.

The Paws For Thought Crew:

4 yrs old
Lab mix
Hates the rain and wet grass, loves to run, lives for her ball and thinks belly rubs are heaven

11 yrs old
Hates loud noises, crinkly bags, loves food and getting into the trash, lives to sniff and thinks thunder is evil

3 yrs old
Mediumhair Puppycat
Loves ear scratches, likes to nip, thinks wrestling with Maddie is great, loves to freak out and race around the house for no reason, and watch T.V. Favorite show: Planets Funniest Animals


Rising☼Sun said...

Bravo on your Fur Kid's new venture! My "Pins" admit to being a bit envious of your Kid's having their own email address lol.
I can hardly wait to see their first blog entry.
It should be wonderfully entertaining :D
Cheers! ~~ Rising☼Sun

Hrist said...

hiya dogs and cat :) i wonder what they could say lol