Sunday, January 6, 2008

Milk, Sugar, Cheese, Coffee.... Where's The Coffee?

I make a list. I look through the fridge and the cupboards. I check everything. I plan meals for the week and list every ingredient I don't have on the list. I double check. I triple check. I make sure every possible thing is on my list.

So WHY do I forget something every time I go grocery shopping? I shop by the list, crossing off each item as I place it in the cart. Oh sure, I buy a few extras, chips, cookies, etc. But no matter how careful I am, I always forget some critical thing.

So then I am stuck with a pantry full of food and nothing to eat. Because whatever ingredient I miss is somehow needed for everything. This time I forgot the coffee. How could I forget to buy coffee? I live on the stuff, I drink around a pot a day. I know when I am getting low. It is always the first thing on my list, followed by sugar and creamer.

So this time I forgot coffee, now I need to run back up to the store to get it or I will not be fit company for anyone tomorrow. Last time I forgot cheese. And of course, just about every meal I had planned on required cheese. So tons of food in the cupboards, and nothing to make. Cereal for dinner just doesn't seem to satisfy.

I have tried shopping without a list, with a list, by section, and by aisle. I have spent hours in the grocery, making sure to look at every item for sale, making sure I got everything I need. None of it works. I always forget something. And it is never anything silly, like a pack of cookies, or a box of dog treats. Nope, it is never something trivial, the thing I forget is always a critical ingredient.

I could plan a weeks worth of meals, trying not to repeat any ingredient in the recipes. Nope, somehow I would need something to cook them all, and sure enough, that would be the thing I forget.

Hmm, I already know the pets are plotting against me, and that damn chair is out to get me... now I think the grocery is siding with them. They are all in this together, I bet. I KNOW I put coffee on the list, but checking it now, it is nowhere to be found. I bet the chair told the puppycat to erase it while I was getting my shoes on. And somehow the grocery store hid the coffee, even though I walked right past where it should have been to get the sugar.

That must be it, it has to be. They must all be plotting against me. Because there is no way I would just forget... is there?


Sweetie said...

Lmao! You should do tesco home shopping! You enter your list and someone else shops for it and delivers it to your house! Then if something not there blame Tesco man! :D

Ru said...

Rofl, nice idea, but I am sure I would still manage to miss something

KimYo said...

I find this funny that this was listed under weird. lol
But this happens to me a lot, probably because I don't use a list to go shopping. I should probably start writing up a list to go shop for, but I know I would forget the paper in the car when I get to the store. xD

Sweetwolf said...

Im with you on this issue! Only with me I dont forget the items on the list... I leave the damn list laying on the kitchen table, where I know once I get to the store its sitting there laughing at me!

Ru said...

Hmm, I guess I should count myself lucky then that the puppycat and chair don't convince one of the dogs to steal my list, lol

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lists just disintegrate on the way to the store. Right into thin air. I'm sure scientists are studying the phenomena as we speak. As for the puppycat and the chair and the grocery, you are right. They are all in it together.

Ru said...

I knew it, they are all against me! ROFL

Bubblegum said...

yeah ru you gotta watch them puppycats and chairs....last night i walked out to go to work and no one was home, i locked the door shut it behind me went to get in my car and guess what i forgot...the keys...i could not leave or go back inside till someone got home to let me in and it was cold last night