Sunday, February 3, 2008

Take A Breath

Graduation went very well. I got there in plenty of time, got signed in and then spent an hour waiting for things to start. Once the audince was seated and everything was ready, all of us who were graduating that day were allowed to go out and sit down in our section. Then we sat through a bunch of speeches and finally the big moment. We all went up onto the stage, one at a time, and got our handshake from the dean while our name was announced as a new graduate.

I was so worried about tripping and falling off the stage, but lucky for me they had ramps to go up and get down off the stage so no stairs to trip on. Yay! After everyone had gone across the stage, the faculty and graduates were allowed to leave, and then all the family and friends that came were allowed to join us. They were serving cake in the main room, but I was exhausted, so Ducky and I just headed home.

Standing around for an hour and sitting in that chair for so long killed my back, so I was hurting for the next few days. Got a couple of nice pictures though, and I will be ordering copies soon to send out to friends and family. My grandparents sent me a very nice graduation gift, and my friend in VP gave me loads of congrats.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, the card was great and the gift is much appreciated. Thanks to all my friends who were there to cheer for me after, your support and best wishes mean so much to me.

Now, I am working to my Bachelor's degree and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully things will continue to progress and improve.


Hrist said...

good job :) hope all will be fine with doctors ;take care Ru :)

KimYo said...

Way to go Ru! xD

Bubbegum said...

love you ru wtg hun im proud of you